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16 May 2011


Adam Smith

I am in full agreement with you over this, and I've been amazed recently when speaking to friends who didn't take our travel insurance when travelling abroad. I'm moving to China for work, so I found your article particularly insightful. During my research I came across CIGNA Global and I've been impressed by their basic international insurance packages which can be upgraded accordingly to cover more areas. As you said, I realize the importance of making myself aware of all the terms and conditions, and the small print: http://www.cignaglobal.com/

garden decking

Thanks for sharing the information.

Health Insurance in China

Hello! I'm moving to Shanghai next month and certainly now concerned about medical issues. I have searched for insurance companies and got some quotes. Judging by the quotes the best one for me now is the one by Abacare Health Insurance. By the way which medical plans would you recommend?

Shanghai Dawei

i've been living in shanghai for 10 years. though never seriously injured, i think it may be safe if i get an insurance. :)


Thanks for providing information with me. I was looking for information on this topic. This entry was very useful to me, thanks again. There I came here on purpose, but I will definitely be looked here.

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