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11 October 2009


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The Chinese technology will be on full display in the United States as America celebrates its Independence Day today. As the world's factory, China's fireworks industry provides 98 percent of America's overall needs, and 80 percent of the pyrotechnics needed for professional displays. Liu Donghui, the secretary-general of China-based International Fireworks Association, told the USA Today that Liuyang's factories alone produced $1 billion worth of fireworks last year, some $430 million of it to meet overseas orders.

continue reading here: http://southasiainvestor.blogspot.com/2009/07/chinese-fireworks-light-up-us-skies-on.html

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This is nice celebration for National Day at Century Square and these Fireworks are very attractive.

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Nice!!! Loved it! Wish I could see those fireworks live!

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Love the fireworks...Can't wait to see it for myself. I heard they are much beautiful when you see it personally.

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