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21 July 2007



if you are living in shanghai city of china and want to buy a sidecar motorcycles you can get it from
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I like to have your website link to my website


The information included on finding a job in China I think will do justice to anyone earnestly looking for a job.


The zhaopin.com link is a good one. Looks like 51jobs has been bought by a domain squatter/spammer though :(


Hi I've recently created a site dedicated to helping people find a job in Shanghai. The site contains hundreds of resources all in one helpful site to get people started working in Shanghai. It uses a collection of RSS feeds, direct links, and a wikipedia like community to provide one of the most comprehensive job search sites. I hope you find the site as beneficial to your readers as I do. The site is: www.workinshanghai.com . Good luck to everyone!

Bob Gorden

Please email me for my current Resume/ CV. I have 23 years in manufacturing in various industries, 17 years in Quality Management and 7 years as General Manager in China including start up of factories and Representative offices.

I am positive that I will be an asset to your company.
Thank you,
Bob Gorden

Amanda Chasteen

I am graduating college this May with degrees in Marketing and Finance. Is there any advice you would have as to finding entry level jobs in Shanghai?


Hi Amanda,

I am not sure about your language skills.If you do not speak Mandarin, it may be a bit difficult for a fresh grad from overseas to find a job but it is not impossible.

One suggestion is to look for jobs in bigger MNCs with regional HQs in Shanghai. eg Asia Pacfic, Asia Office etc. In this case, they would appreciate your skills set more as regional HQs generally would already have a diverse set up or diversity policy in place.

And if you speak Mandarin, another way is to start with a English language teaching job first, which you can probably easily find in Shanghai, establish the network here before looking for a job in your preferred industry.

Lastly, you can check out other useful forums like http://www.shanghaiexpat.com/MDForum.phtml . You may see some good advice from people that has gone through a similar scenarios like yours.

Happy job hunting!


I have tried several years to secure a job in China by sending resume to agent and employer. However it was unsuccessful despite I am a ethnic Chinese.
I have an established working experience, which I strongly believe would be a valuable asset to MNC operating in China.
Any advice ?


Hi Chin,

Perhaps you can tell me about

1) Current occupation
2) Number of years of working experience
3) Nature of jobs applied

I can perhaps offer some personal suggestions.


I am a Director/GM of a MNC, has more than 14 years of experience. Looking for expat role that responsible for business entity with a MNC, similar to what I am doing now.


Hi Chin,

At your level, I dont think you need advices at the ground level.

Only thing is I can suggest is for you to network and make yourself known to some good headhunters in Shanghai. When such positions become available, they would have you first in mind.


Hi, thank you for an entertaining and informative website. My wife and I are considering relocating from Johannesburg to Shanghai, she will be able to get a position with the IT multinational she now works for. We are in our 50's, I have 30 years experience in the bearing industry in South Africa and the US (sales, distributor management, regional management and latterly operating my own import and distribution company). Question: will my age (55) count against me in seeking employment in China? BTW, Wang-Li's site is infected with a virus.

David Tan

Hi Patrick,

personally, I wont be too worried about this. Most company would value experience.


Hi David,

I came to your site while searching for a "recruitment agency" in Shanghai.

I tried to do so, because after years of looking around on classifieds and job boards online, I can't settled in a good job.

Most offers here are targeted at locals and in the end, about 4 years ago, I had to accept a very local pay of just a few thousand yuan.

Since I'm ethnic Chinese, I speak Chinese (both cantonese+mandarin), with a couple of years of work experience in Shanghai.

In your post, you mentioned that you know some people still managed to get a decent job without/or little Chinese skills and work experience.

I shall be grateful if you can give some examples. Did they manage to get it because they're Caucasians? Or?

Finally, as a rather entry-level (perhaps a bit better than that) employee, I wonder if agencies like Wang&Li will help. They usually target at mid/senior level managers......


And yes, I missed out this important part in my comment. I tried even to attend networking a few times, mainly those so-called career development night etc....but in the end, these organizers managed to attract nothing except a few dozens of fresh local graduates (as well as a few busybody expats). NO "headhunters" around.

My word here for fellow newcomers. Don't waste your time and money (they charge a small entrance fee) to attend those silly events.

David Tan

Hi Comrade,

Yes, while its true that many foreigners take up jobs in China based on local terms, there are professionals in China that manage to get expat terms despite not knowing a word of Chinese or have very little experience in China.

These people are those that take up regional jobs within MNCs. Shanghai is fast becoming the Asia Pacific HQ. Handling the China market is just part of the job, not the entire job thus there is no exact need to be able to know the language. For these jobs, there could be skill sets required that are very lacking in China for example digital marketing.

In this kind of circumstances, the company is more willing to provide a better pay package.

It makes no sense for a company to give expat pay to a job scope that handles purely the local market when that are plenty of equivalent resources available in country.

Examples I know of:

MNC job in Xiamen, APAC role, no China experience or language experience needed.

GM job in Shanghai. Little local experience needed but need international outlook.

Personally, I dont think those networking sessions are useful. I would reommend you linking up with a good headhunter that can keep a good look out for you.

Happy job hunting!


Hi, I'm looking for a job in Shanghai. Anyway you can help. I have 8 yeast working experience in MNC company. Thanks


Hi May,

This site would be helpful.


Best of all, its in English.

Kevin Shieh

Hi, I have worked as a computer programmer in US for more than 20 years . I am interested in working for a company in Shanghai, who need fluent Chinese language as good English skills. Does anyone have any good websites or resources that I can post my resume to ? Thanks.

gayle megan

I am a british fashion designer working in Italy since 2000, now looking to collaborate with interested fashion companies in Shanghai on a contractual basis. I deal with high-quality ready-to-wear or luxury womenswear and leather outerwear for men too.
How may I contact the right client looking for a designer with an Italian touch?


Hi Kevin,

You could try http://www.uniland.net.cn/en/b1.htm

Good luck.


Hi, my wife looking for a job in Shanghai. She having 3 years of experience in AS400, COBOL/400 and DB2/400. She worked with one of India's most reputed Life Insurance Company as a Information System Analyst.
Can you help me to suggest the way to find the job in shanghai? Any placement office or any agency to help me to find a job?

Thank You.

David Tan

Hi Mac,

try this site: http://china.recruit.net/


Thank You David.

Do you know any placement office in Shanghai so she can directly visits there office?

Because daily she send 10 to 15 mails to respective job Email IDs but hardly they reply.


I have 12 years of working experience.
Project Management 7 years (SAP and Telecoms).
SAP experience 5 years
I will be looking for a Job based in Shanghai in July 2010.


We are a leading UK Home Textiles Company and require a person experienced in textile sourcing and merchandising for our Hangzhou office. Must have experience of managing a small team of people. Applicants must be fluent Mandarin speaker and also fluent in spoken and written English. CVs should be sent to LHO@RECTELLA.CO.UK

Christopher Hodgson

IMS provides senior interim management services for MNC's that may need executives on a short or long term basis to strengthen their executive team, lead a project or programme, provide an injection of skills that are lacking, or to simply transform their business. From CEOs and Managing Directors through to any senior management function – our talent bank includes all of the top interim managers and executives working in China today.

Interim Management Solutions (IMS) is part of the JM Gemini group - the longest running recruitment agency in China.

IMS is all about experience. Most of our Interim Managers have more than 10 years experience working in multi-nationals within China and Asia, many speak the language and all of them understand the cultural differences. They are flexible about working locations and are available on short notice.

For more information visit www.jmgemini.com/ims or contact chris on chrish@imsinchina.com


hi i'd like to add this website to the list,


for students and grads, top jobs internships in shanghai, free cv tools and tips, free english and personality online test.

Also check out our chronocv innovation transforming your resume into a graph in one click !


Hi David,

Need a small piece of advice from you.
I am a 2009 graduate of IIM Ahmedabad, the No.1 Business School in India. I have abt 2 years' workex in IT/Telecom/Education sectors (pre + post MBA).
I am getting married next month and shall be moving to Shanghai in September with my spouse who is working there.
I'm slightly concerned about the job market there right now, and am considering whether to move there or stay back in India. Given my profile, could you pls tell me your gutt feel about the chances, and avg time required to fidn a decent placement?

Diposhree Dutta


I am a 5 years experienced SAP BI professional in India. And I will be moving to Shanghai in Oct 2010 with my husband. I would like to know the SAP job scenario in Shanghai.How to look for these and how easy or difficult it is for a non- chinese speaking professional.


Hi there,
I was looking for recruitment agencies in Shanghai and was redirected to your website. Thank you so much for posting all those useful tips!
I was wondering if you could help me out a bit further. My partner has recently accepted a job in Shanghai and he will move there in October. Of course my plain is to join him (around December or January 2012). I have a Masters Degree in Marketing, 10 years of working experience, 8 of them spent working for a Design and Business School (38 campuses in Asia Pacific). I currently hold the position of Academic Director in our school in bangkok. I am looking for a position as Head of Department in an academic institution in Shanghai.
I tried the websites you have suggested but as soon as I want to post my resume all the instructions are in Chinese... Would you by any chance know of any other recruitment agencies or web portals that deal with education in particular?


Hi JB,

I'm planning on looking for a job soon as well. I haven't done it yet but that might solve the problem...
First thing translate your CV in Chinese and use google translate to understand what is about the field you need to key in. Take a site example (the most complete with the max field you could have to key in) and ask the translator to spread your CV (in chinese) through the field. Then, you can go on Chinese site and do it yourself. ;-).

Maria Braglia

If you leave in Shanghai and you would like to cooperate in the wonderful world of fashion...
contact me: info@alenstudio.it
have a look ... http://cn.fashionjobs.com/%E5%B7%A5%E4%BD%9C-681077-Sales-agent-manager


I have a experience of 2.5 yrs in callcenter/bpo.out of which 1.5 yrs i have been working in shanghai.but unfortunately my project has been terminated and m looking for a job its more than 1 month i havent got any reply from anywhere.can u please guide me or give details about any job cunsultant ????i feel securing a job is very dificult in shanghai


Looking for job opportunities in Shanghai or China? Check out: www.2-shanghai.com. HR Recruitment agency for interns and young professionals.


Looking for English and Chinese speaking cashier and accountant in Shanghai


echinacities.com also have many job opportunities advertised on their website.

Accountant CV

ShanghaiExpat.com also has a job section that increases daily. enjoyShanghai.com is another job site, although there are not so many vacancies on it.

Virtual Receptionist

Today you can easily use a Virtual Receptionist to help you out. With the advancement in technology, there is no need to locate or employ a receptionist at your office. Using virtual receptionist services is the best solution to cut the costs, increase the efficiency of your business and to improve your reputation in the business world.



I am looking for a job in Shanghai. I work in hotel as a sommelier/wine professional. Any advice for me, if you know somebody who does the recruitments


I am looking for a Job in Shanghai.I have three and half years of exp in Banking & Finance Industry.My CV is available in LinkedIn.I am an Indian .
Anybody who knows headhunters in Finance Industry or some useful sites pls tell.


hellow am looking for english teacher job in shanghai ,...am from from arab country..i need your help to send me some websites so that i can check them out.thank you in advance


Nonetheless, shortly after the recruiters in Wang Li knew about this, they came back to me with another prospective job and handled everything thoroughly.


Hi we are Australian company looking for men's fashion designer in Shanghai. If you have existing connections with shirt, tailoring companies in Shanghai for tailor made suits & shirts then we can progress our discussions regarding compensation etc.

Nick S
Email: nsaharan@gmail.com


I have tried several years to secure a job in China by sending resume to agent and employer. But no results.


When all else fails, hire help to write your resume. A professional resume will not only look good and read right, but it will also be written in such a way that job boards like Monster.com will highlight you in the right searches. Professionals know which terms to use to get noticed.


Have some ideas ready during the interview. You should be able to immediately tell your interviewer what you can bring to the company and what you would do immediately upon your hire. Help the interviewer to see you in the position by painting a nice picture of what that would be like.


Hi guys,

I'm hoping to relocate to China fairly soon - I am currently in Thailand, where I've been teaching English for three years.

I have casually prepared all the necessary documentation to apply for the work visa at the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok: medical certificate, criminal clearance, visa application forms etc. I believe all that's now needed is the work permit and letter of invitation from a prospective school, to then apply for the working (Z) visa.

It seem that perhaps sifting through jobs on sites like 'Dave's ESL' may take some time.

Dave's ESL:

Could you offer any other suggestions in how to get my CV out there? I'd sincerely appreciate it.



There are some websites for foreigners in Shanghai,like:

And there is a international school provide internship to their students,

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