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04 November 2005



brad you poor silly bugger, are you still wearing thoes rose tinted glass's now? 11 months after you wrote the above? by now you will have relised that 90% of mainland chinese are the most stupidist race on this earth, they think we the western people are complete idiots, all the chinese learn and know about the west is what they learn from watching DVD's, and thoes DVD's are mainly rambo type of crap yes 80% of chinese are good hearted people with 20% being pure arseholes, mainland chinese do not have the simplist of common sense, if you think iam pissin your pocket then just try to get out of a lift some time mate, the idiots wanting to get into the lift are clambering over the top of the people trying to get out of the lift, try walking into a shop or resturant sometime, you have to kick the push bikes and motor bikes out of the door way before you can get in the door of the shop or resturant etc etc, you can never get a straight answer or the truth from a chinese, complete liars,worst than any loud mouth yank / canadian i have ever met, try and get a chinese tradesman to do a simple job for you, after six attempts showing the fool how you want the job done you just walk away before you pull the rest of your hair out, when the job is finally finished it is still not done proply anothur cock up,there is an easy way and a hard way to do a job and every time the chinese will try and do it the hard way,there stupidity in trying to save face is laughable, pluss chinese men treat there women like trash, majority of mainland men have a wife plus a woman on the side, no wonder there women like western men, plus ask any chinese women they will tell you that chinese men are not well hung at all more like your little finger, now western men are much more endowled and can keep there chinese wife very happy this last point you did not mention to the american chinaman Tony in the above, chinese should never be allowed behind a wheel of a vehicle, they just can not operate a vehicle safely, i can now see you frothing at the mouth with anger at my comments but Brad my fine australian friend iam married to a chinbese woman and the shit that i have put up with these last 3 years is unbelievable i have never had a woman put me thrue so much stress as my chinese wife and mate iam not a spring chicken and have lived in over 50 country's working around the world since the day i left home at the age of 14 yrs, yes there are some very good and smart chinese but these people have immergrated allredy to other country's and left the idiots behind in mainland china,myself i have lived in china for three years take care old son and good luck to you cheers cecil


Cecil: Those are idiotic statements you made about Chinese people. But then again, you being Australian, are a decendent of criminals and vagabonds from England, so you have not surprised anyone. And besides, you married a Chinese, so you must really be dumb if you feel that way about the Chinese.

You are the classic definition of a Class A Loser.


I agree......I think the chinese are all complete trash.

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